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Haven Design 




Haven Design developed out of a passion for nature, our beautiful Canadian forests and woodworking. 

We have designed our furniture to be Rustic and Modern

Situated in the Prairies and in the beautiful city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Haven Designs home is in the core of the city, in the Exchange District, where manufacturing has existed almost as long as the city itself. We have designed our furniture to be Rustic and Modern, maintaining modern and popular lines and constructed from distressed and rustic materials. Each piece that we build is as unique as the trees they are cut from, no piece is ever quite the same and we believe in really celebrating this individuality. 

We are very proud of solid wood materials that we use. Our barn wood style boards are cut from new furniture grade lumber to give you the most durable and long lasting pieces. We give almost all of our furniture a distressed look to enhance its uniqueness and to take the worry out of owning a new polished piece of furniture. Our furniture begs to be used and only looks better with age. 

Be bold, wear your marks with pride and build your history into your new furniture.

We encourage you to keep the coasters away from your new piece of Haven furniture, use your table like a table, gather with your friends and family to play games and throw some dice, don't worry if a knife drops and gouges its surface.  Be bold, wear your marks with pride and build your history into your new furniture. 


re·new·a·ble - Capable of being renewed

Our products come from sustainable Canadian grown and harvested forests.

We desire to have all of our handcrafted pieces invited into your space and to renew life within it. 



ˈrē(ə)l/ -  not imitation or artificial; genuine.

Unlike other furniture you may find on the market, we have made the choice to provide you with honest, real and genuine solid wood furniture. The word "real"ha been misused in attempt to have you believe that what you are spending your hard earned money on is exactly what your wanting to spend your hard earned money on, but it is not so. A pile of sawdust is technically "real" wood, but we promise to never deceive. "Real" here, is always Real.


Made by nature. Formed by us.

We are passionate about nature. With every breathe that we take we are literally breathing in the clean air that the trees have provided. 

To honour this, we treat our trees with the greatest of care, fashioning the materials into objects that not only enhance their natural beauty, but enhance the way that you interact with your furniture and bring nature into your home.